Higher Safety Compliance/Less Cost

If you run a small business, here are a few numbers to think about –

$37,000 -Average cost of a lost time injury, according to the NSC.

84% – How much OSHA fines have gone up since 2016

8% – How much companies spend on safety as a percentage of payroll, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit

$7,295.00 – Estimated total cost-per-employee for fall prevention protective equipment for construction workers who work at heights

Smaller companies are at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to safety.  They have to comply with all the same laws and their customers expect the same level of safety management, but the economies of scale work against them and their cost-per-employee for safety programs may be much higher than for larger companies.

How do small companies maintain safety at an acceptable cost?  In many cases the answer is outsourcing.  Our More safety & less cost white paper  shows how we can save businesses money by assisting their existing safety director or by acting as the safety department for companies that can’t afford an in-house professional.