Offshore Oil & Gas Enforcement: Smarter, More Focused

The last decade has been a wild ride for offshore oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico.   Macondo oil spill disaster.   Crash of oil prices.   New regulations like the Safety and Environmental Management (SEMS) rule.  Then there is decommissioning, a trend that which hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

It has been traumatic for industry, but it has also had a big impact on government regulators, who have gone through three name changes (MMS-to-BOEM-to-BSEE), four directors and a sea change in the way they do business.   So it is worth asking, how has BSEE – the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement – adapted. Continue reading “Offshore Oil & Gas Enforcement: Smarter, More Focused”

Great Video Tool to Explain Offshore Operations

There is an incredible video online that gives non-industry people a real feel for offshore life.  It comes courtesy of European energy company Edison. It uses 360 degree video to show the company’s Vega A platform off the coast of Sicily.  The video technology allows the viewer to pan up and down and around in a 360 degree circle.  It starts with the view from a helicopter landing on the platform, tours the facility and even goes underwater with scuba divers to give the view from below.

The company has also  posted a second video that uses animation graphics to explain how the offshore platform works and the different processes that take place on the facility.

I know from personal experience how difficult it is to explain the complexity of offshore operations to people who aren’t in the industry.  This is a fantastic education tool!