Lifeline Strategies’ main focus is on the safety connection between operators and contractors or contractors and their subcontractors in the energy sector.   Safety management starts with communication – How do operators communicate their safety requirements to the contractor and ensure that those requirements are being met?  How do contractors make sure they understand those requirements and communicate to the operator that they are meeting or exceeding them.


Services include:

  • Audit Prep – Preparing for audits requires a full review of and oil and gas company’s safety systems and contractor interface.  An outside set of eyes can help, especially when it frees operator staff to do their main jobs, looking after the safety of the company’s projects.
  • Contractor Oversight – Managing contractors means doing more than just reviewing online safety questionnaires.  Lifeline Stragegies can help with the hands-on review and two-way communication that is part of any successful program.
  • Skills and Knowledge Competency Plans – Regulations hold offshore operators accountable for the skills, knowledge and abilities of their workers and their contractors’ workers.  Lifeline Strategies can help.
  • Safety Culture – Let Lifeline Strategies help design a program to assess the safety culture of your contractors and to help them adopt positive safety values.


Services include:

Developing and Reviewing Safety Systems – It is not enough to have a safety manual and hold safety meetings.  Customers today expect their contractors to actively manage safety and to have systems in place to track their programs.  They are looking for contractors whose programs dovetail with their SEMS program.   Lifeline Strategies can help you get there.

Skills and Knowledge-based Competency – This is one of the toughest parts of the SEMS rule and one of the most critical.   Lifeline Strategies can help develop competency programs for your workers, track their progress and meet accepted guidelines for skills and knowledge systems in line with the Center for Offshore Safety’s guidelines that are currently in use throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Safety Program Development – Whether it is a policy like Stop Work Authority or a systems program like Mechanical Integrity, Lifeline Strategies can work with you to develop documentation and practices that are aligned with tested industry approaches.

Safety Culture – BSEE officials have said this is one of the most important areas of improvement.  How are you ensuring that your company has a culture of safety?   Let Lifeline Strategies work with you to help safety culture thrive within your company.


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