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Lifeline Strategies has a simple goal – To help companies thrive.

We do this by:

  • Helping manage the confusing world of regulations, compliance and safety management;
  • Providing real solutions to preventing and managing employee injuries; and
  • Communicating their message to the world, government officials,  customers and their employees.

We bring a deep base of experience and expertise to addressing client needs.  The world is full of generic safety plans or cookie-cutter approaches to communications, but successful programs and systems are based on the unique and specific needs of the company, its scope of work and its culture.  That is why we specialize in addressing a company’s real needs.

Lifeline Strategies founder and President, Ken Wells, has spent his career working with industry as a safety professional, trade association executive, congressional and government agency advocate and journalist.  Key areas of focus have been the oil and gas industry, maritime, communications and congressional affairs.


By email: Info@lifelinestrategies.com

To reach Ken Wells directly, email kenwells@lifelinestrategies.com or call: 985-789-0577

Here are a few of the services we offer for the oil and gas industry:

Contractor Services

Hands-on assistance for Contractors

  • Bridging GAPS between your safety program and your customer’s SEMS plan
  • Help in meeting online safety questionnaires
  • Developing skills and knowledge competency programs to meet new operator requirements
  • Creating Operating Procedures, Mechanical Integrity plans and Management of Change processes
  • Turning SEMS compliance into a sales tool

SEMS Solutions for Operators

Customized services to help Operators meet the requirements of Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) rules including:

  • Contractor compliance and verification
  • Implementation of SEMS II requirements
  • Employee Participation Plans

SEMS Workshops for Contractors

Half-day training session to teach contractor personnel how to meet customer requirements on SEMS.   More than 75 companies have taken a version of this training focusing on explaining SEMS to:

  • Managers,
  • HSE professionals,
  • Supervisors,
  • Operations personnel,
  • Salespeople and
  • Administrative staff


Buddy-toBoss – Supervisor and Manager Leadership Training

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) training to meet  SEMS II requirements

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