Safety Management & Leadership

Safety Management

Policies.  Procedures. Training.   All important parts of a safety program, but can they keep workers safe, keep customers happy and keep the company in compliance?   Increasingly, safety needs to be managed as a system. In offshore oil and gas, that means complying with the Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) rules.  Other industries have their own versions of safety systems.

Lifeline Strategies specializes in helping companies bring all of the elements of their safety program together into an effective system that can meets regulatory compliance, adapts to the company’s needs and ensures that employees are protected from the hazards of the workplace.

We have a lot of experience working with service companies in developing the safety management programs that their customers increasingly demand.   Much of our work has been assisting offshore companies with SEMS compliance, but we have the expertise to help land-side oil and gas, pipeline and other companies.

Supervisory/Manager Leadership

Supervisors and mid-level managers are the keys to safety, productivity and worker involvement.  Experts in safety culture agree that the push for safety needs to come from the top and the crews on the front-lines of operations need to be committed to safety, but it is the supervisors/managers who are the direct link to safety culture.

Lifeline Strategies’ special leadership class, Buddy-to-Boss, shows supervisors how to make the jump from just being a member of the crew to leading the crew.   Through a highly interactive class that relies on discussion, role-playing and videos, the class helps supervisory personnel understand the responsibilities that go with their jobs and some of the key tools to keeping crews engaged, productive and, most importantly, safe.

If you need help with your safety program or would like to discuss supervisor/manager leadership, contact us at Info@lifelinestrategies or call Ken Wells at 985-789-0577.