Occupational Health & Post-Incident Intervention


Lifeline Strategies is now working with CORE Health Networks, a leading provider of full-range occupational health and wellness services.   CORE’s services help workers avoid on-the-job injuries and companies manage their bottom line costs through occupational medicine.

One of the chief advantages of CORE is their network of 1300 clinics around the country.  Whether a company needs to ensure that new hires are tested for drugs and alcohol or find the closest location for a post-incident checkup, CORE can find a nearby location, ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is in order and negotiate prices on your behalf.

CORE’s services include:

  • Onboarding employees – Matching the right person for the right job is one key to keeping workers healthy and safe.  That may involve DOT or customer-required drug and alcohol testing, medical screening, audiograms and other OSHA-mandated tests or functional assessments.  CORE representatives can manage the medical onboarding process and call on experienced RNs and physicians to review results.
  • Managing employee medical surveillance and fitness for duty – America’s aging workforce presents special challenges for employers who understand that keeping an experienced workforce engaged and productive means monitoring their health over their entire careers.   Will a worker coming back from a knee replacement be able to perform the same duties?  Does a change in medications change a worker’s capability?   Finding answers to these questions may take tests and, most importantly, review by a trained medical professional.
  • Post-incident help – CORE’s renowned TimeZero Injury Management means that an RN with experience in patient care, worker’s comp and OSHA recordkeeping is just a phone call away.  CORE’s case managers can be on the phone immediately to help determine the Right Care, Right Now.  Early intervention is key to saving the employee time in receiving the right level of treatment, whether it is first aid, a clinic visit or emergency services.   Ongoing case management means that RNs will help workers receive the appropriate level of treatment to stay on the job or return to work safely.
  • Medical Record Management – CORE can keep employee medical records electronically, where they will be HIPAA-compliant, secure and available whenever you need them. Because CORE is one of the few companies that offers full career occupational health management for employees, one database can cover all of a company’s records needs.  The system will help with annual OSHA log filings and, most importantly, in meeting OSHA requirements that records be kept for 30 years.

If you think that CORE Health Networks can help with your OccMed and health needs or if you manage contractors who need those services, please contact us at kwells@corehealthnet.com or by phone at (281) 630-3724.