Important Update To OSHA Electronic Reporting Requirements

OSHA has just announced that it will not enforce its new injury and illness reporting rule until the end of the year.  The deadline had been delayed twice and went into effect on December 15th.  However, the agency says it will give employers until December 31 to file without taking action.  However, OSHA stresses that no 2016 forms will be accepted after January 1st.

What is behind the delay?  It may be that OSHA is looking at the reports filed so far and realized that industry is way behind.

OSHA Top 10 Violations – Digging Beneath The Numbers

Every year OSHA releases its top 10 list of violations.  It is done with a lot of build up at the National Safety Council’s annual conference, kind of like the Oscars, except no one wants to win this competition.   What you notice is that the top violations don’t change much, but maybe we need to dig deeper into the numbers to catch the real trends going on in safety.

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Three Weeks Until Deadline for OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping…Or Not!

OSHA has said that its new requirement for companies to submit injury and illness reports electronically kicks in on December 1.   But before we get into that, a quick question:

What is a leading cause of safety failures when we institute changes in the workplace?  How about that we fail to communicate the changes to the people on the ground who actually have to implement them?

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Keeping Volunteers Safe During Hurricane Recovery Efforts

I had not seen a good plain English guide for volunteers who come into a hurricane area to do recovery work, so I combined a lot of OSHA and industry tips into one document: Hurricane crew safety.   I hope it is helpful.

Here in Houston, people are starting to put their lives back together.  With more than 185,000 homes damaged on the Gulf Coast, recovery will take a while.   Now Irma threatens to impact thousands of people in Florida.

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