Hearing Loss – Is This The Next Big Workplace Injury Challenge?

The Centers For Disease Control came out with a startling report this month.   A CDC survey on hearing found that one out of every five Americans in their 20’s have some hearing loss.   Since hearing generally deteriorates with age, evidence that so many your adults already have hearing loss makes it a bit of a time bomb for the future.

The CDC also found two other significant trends.  The first is that fully a quarter of the people surveyed who said they had good to excellent hearing actually had some hearing loss, meaning that we can’t exactly “trust our ears” to tell us when we have hearing loss.  Gradual changes may not be apparent to us. Continue reading “Hearing Loss – Is This The Next Big Workplace Injury Challenge?”

Safety Risk That Even A Kid Can Understand

When I first saw this video, I thought “Man, safety directors are just getting younger and younger.”   But in fact, this is a very clever video that features kids describing the Top 10 OSHA Violations.   It was produced by a company named BROWZ to celebrate National Safety Month.

You can see the video here:

There is a good write-up on it on the EHS Today website.

What can you do with the video?   You might try showing it at your next safety meeting to drive home the hazards that crews face every day and, just maybe to remind them that when a worker forgets about those hazards, there is likely to be someone at home who will be impacted by the loss.

Or you can just recruit these kids to be your future EHS team.  They certainly have an early start on a career in safety.

Why smart companies can’t afford to be dumb about communicating their brands

brand-1027862_1280Most of my work has involved industries that are highly regulated and have the potential to be impacted by public opinion.  One of the things I stress with clients is the need to have one consistent message for customers, employees,  the public and regulators.   Unfortunately, I see a lot of companies that focus their attention on producing a consistently high quality product and then give little through to the consistently of their image.

I am pleased to say that the Houston Business Journal has published an article I wrote about the need for companies to take an integrated approach to establishing their brand.

You can read the article here.

If you would like some help in establishing a consistent, integrated brand, contact me at info@lifelinestrategies.com.