Communicating Your Message, Safety Culture And Brand

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It is not enough to have a great safety culture or a great product.  You have to communicate it.  At Lifeline Strategies, we help get your message out

  • To employees:   Effective companies know that the most important thing they can do to engage employees and build a strong culture is to communicate with employees.  Let us help with your next roll-out.
  • To regulators:  Knowing when and how to let government officials know what you are doing to comply with the law is a key element to a compliance program.
  • To customers:  Do your customers know you are a leader on technology or safety?  Your story is your brand.  How do your tell your story?
  • To the public:   Whether companies need to build their image or perform crisis communications, we have deep experience in messaging and working with the media.

Case Study

In 2016, Lifeline Strategies worked with a client that had a new offshore oil and gas technology that helped prevent blowouts and protected workers.  The company needed to get its word out.  We were able to gain publicity for the company through TV news coverage, magazine articles, news releases and social media.   We were also able to arrange presentations before industry groups, Congressional offices and government agency executives.

What can we do for you?