How To Manage Worksite Injuries – New Training Added To Our Supervisory Leadership Class –

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether onsite supervisors help or hurt when it comes to worker injuries.  One complaint I hear comes when they overreact and immediately send an injured employee to an emergency rooms, turning what should have been a simple first aid case into an expensive recordable injury.

Worse, they may under-react and ignore an injury.   Say for instance an employee comes to a supervisor complaining about back pain.  The supervisor, stressed about staying on schedule, tells him its nothing and to get back to work.  The worker, now feeling like the company doesn’t care about him,  waits until work is over and goes to a clinic, which prescribes painkillers and bed rest.  What could have been treated with ice, ibuprofen and a day of light duty turns into a workers comp claim and a loss of employee trust.

How do you fix it?  Breakthrough research shows that teaching supervisors how to communicate with employees who are injured can reduce injury expenses by 40%.  That is surprising, but a carefully researched study shows that teaching managers what to say, how to react, and what to do when the employee comes back to work is one of the most effective ways you can manage injuries.

Now we have adopted that training into our supervisor leadership class, Buddy-to-Boss.   The class already helps supervisors make that difficult transition from being another member of the crew to managing the crew.  Now it can also help you reduce your exposure to workplace injuries at the most important point – in the first minutes after an incident when what the supervisor says and does can determine whether the injury is minor or turns into a long-term treatment case.

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