Keeping Volunteers Safe During Hurricane Recovery Efforts

I had not seen a good plain English guide for volunteers who come into a hurricane area to do recovery work, so I combined a lot of OSHA and industry tips into one document: Hurricane crew safety.   I hope it is helpful.

Here in Houston, people are starting to put their lives back together.  With more than 185,000 homes damaged on the Gulf Coast, recovery will take a while.   Now Irma threatens to impact thousands of people in Florida.

Having also experienced  Hurricane Katrina firsthand, my experience has been that the recovery will be helped by an army of volunteers who will come into the impacted areas to gut houses, help with basic needs and generally let the victims know that they are not alone.

The volunteers bring enthusiasm and varying degrees of skill.  They work long hours in hot weather and grab food and sleep where they can.  Unfortunately, they do not have much of a background in safety or access to professional-grade personal protection equipment (PPE).

If you know people who are coming to volunteer or you are part of a group, please feel free to use this guide for recovery volunteers.   You can download the guide here:Hurricane crew safety.

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