5 Steps to Effective Injury Management – Blog Post From ASSE

Let me share with you a blog that I provided to the American Society of Safety Engineers on some best practices to consider as you set up an injury management program.  You can find the full post here.

I am a strong believer that safety departments do a much better job on the prevention side than in reducing the extent of injuries after they happen.  What many don’t fully understand is that there is a cost to injuries, but a failure to address the injury properly after it happens can make that cost skyrocket.

The ASSE Blog Post looks at commonsense, achievable steps that any company can take to reduce the long-term impact of injuries, improve outcomes for employees and reduce both costs and OSHA recordables.   One of the things the blog stresses is that simply reassuring the worker and putting him or her in communication with medical providers quickly goes a long way towards reducing the impact of the injury.

Please give it a read and, if any of this hits home, contact me at kenwells@lifelinestrategies.com or at (9850 789-0577.  Lifeline Strategies works with CORE Health Networks, a unique occupational medicine provider.  CORE vets clinics all over the country and has a team of nurses who can be in contact with an injured worker by phone immediately after the incident.   This means CORE can provide immediate help anywhere in the country at any time of day or night.

Let’s talk about ways we can help make your injury management program successful!




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