Five Reasons To Get Serious About Operating Procedures

We are launching a new class on operating procedures.  The objectives of the class are to show people how to write procedures that:

  • Comply with government regulations requiring operating procedures.
  • Are effective, easy-to-understand and can be used in the field.
  • Follow recommended practices to standardize and manage procedures within an organization.

Access class description here: Operating procedures class one-page description

Why offer an operating procedures class now?

Here are five reasons:

  1. Compliance: SEMS Regulations for offshore oil and gas require procedures and poor procedures (or no procedures) can result in fines or orders to shut down operations.  OSHA’s PSM regulations also require written procedures, as do PHMSA pipeline regulations.
  2. Audits: Auditors have identified poorly written or incomplete operating procedures as one of the top noncompliance issues, if not the top issue.
  3. Safety: Good operating procedures are the pathway to safe operations.   They allow you to identify safety hazards early and control them in the design phase.  In the field, they give you a way to align Job Safety Analysis, Personal Protective Equipment and safe practices with the actual operations crews are performing.
  4. Competency & Training: The right procedures help onboarding new employees, pinpoint training needs and make it easy to determine whether personnel have the skills and knowledge to perform their duties.
  5. Investigations and Lawsuits:  The right procedures give you a legal defense if an accident occurs and the wrong procedures (or, worse still, no procedures) may leave you vulnerable in a lawsuit or government investigation.

We are in the process of finalizing our operating procedures class.  The goal is to make it available to people who:

  • Write procedures
  • Manage or oversee procedures in their organization
  • Audit or regulate procedures

The initial classes will be offered at a discount.   If you are interested in holding a class at your office or being contacted when we have classes scheduled, contact us at or by calling (985) 789-0577.

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