Safety: Photographic Proof That We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

When I saw these pictures, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry.   They show just how far we will go to make our lives easier or to get things done quicker.  One of my primary professional beliefs is that there is no safety barrier that can withstand the average 22 year old, if ignoring it helps him get the job done faster or by working less.  But the following pictures, allegedly showing how “Broke College Students Proved They’re The Smartest People Ever” are beyond anything I could imagine.  Just remember, the kids who did these things are likely to come work for your company.  Good luck!

If you want to see the rest of the pictures, click here.

Who Needs An Oven When You Have A Clothes Iron?

Sorry, We Do Not Have A Microwave Available To Guests

Buy your groceries, push them home and cook them all using the same cart.  What could go wrong?

I'm A Practical Grill

Its a lot easier to find a chair than to repair a broken sofa.

Couch Fix

Sometimes the lazy solution takes more work than doing it the right way, but you have to admire the creativity that went into this.

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