OSHA Haz Com Deadline is Here, but Half of U.S. Business May Not Be Ready

This is more of an update to drive home the point that a major change in workplace safety has hit and many, many businesses are not ready.   OSHA gave employers until June 1st to update their hazard communication programs to incorporate international changes known as the Globally Harmonized Standard (GHS).

An article by the Chemical Watch website says that half of American businesses have not met the new update deadline.  That is based on a survey of 108 companies.  Here is why that is such a concern – Of the companies that said they are in compliance, three quarters reported that it took them more than a year to achieve that compliance.  The biggest problem they had was getting the up-to-day data sheets from their chemical suppliers.  More than half said they had either brought in a consultant or hired a new employee to help manage their program, update it or train employees on the change.

Bottom Line: Industry has not responded as quickly or with as much commitment at OSHA had hoped for.  Large numbers of companies are out of compliance and it is very likely that many of them do not even realize the rules changed.   OSHA has very few options beyond making an example of some employers through fines and publicity.

If you need help getting into compliance, doing a gap analysis of your program or in training your workers on your Haz Com program, contact us at info@lifelinestrategies.com. 

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