Safety Speech: Why The First Half Hour After An Injury Is So Important.

COREHEALTHlogo (2)If you are in Houston, please come to the next STEPS meeting on Tuesday, May 17th.  We will be featured speakers talking about what you should do in the first half hour after a worker is injured on the job.   Study after study show that the actions you take right after an incident play a large role in determining whether the worker will receive the right treatment, whether the worker winds up on workers comp and how long he or she may stay off the job.   CORE Health Networks will also answer your questions on how to interpret OSHA reporting requirements from a medical professional’s standpoint.

STEPS is a national partnership between OSHA and the oil and gas industry, dedicated to sharing information and best practices on safety and occupational health.  The next Houston STEPS meeting will be held from



Groves Industrial Supply

7301 Pinemont Dr., Houston, TX 77040

owever, because we are expecting a good-sized group this month, please let me know if you are interested in coming by emailing

Also, if you are interested in having CORE Health Networks speak to any groups that you are involved in or if you just want to discuss strategies for addressing worker injuries, contact me with that request as well.

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