News Reports on Occupational Health: Experience Matters!

There are a lot of occupational health and medicine companies around.  A quick google search of the words “occupational” and “clinic” turns up more than 100,000,000 entries. The number of companies involved in Occ Med will continue to grow.  I even  saw an article recently by a chiropractor telling his colleagues how Occ Med Services were a good way for them to new income to their current practice.

However, this is one field where companies that need help testing new employees, handling return to work clearances or helping injured employed after an incident really need to look at the experience and expertise of the service providers.   This is especially true in the area of telemedicine – helping companies by handling their administrative needs, interpreting results or working to manage injuries by phone, email or video.  It presents great opportunity for companies to solve occupational medicine headaches and save money, but it all depends on the quality of the provider.

I recently took on a new client, CORE Health Networks, and they are generating some positive feedback from the media, especially for the experience of their staff and expertise at handling occupational health needs.

Here are a couple of articles that included CORE, one from the Society for Human Resource Management that looks at the ways  telemedicine can help HR departments and another from the employment website that looks at the need for quality medical personnel who can work remotely.

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