Workers Comp Fraud Trips Up Dancing Hamster

Gotta love this this – According to the L.A. Times, a professional dancer named Leroy Barnes was injured while performing with a theatrical company.   A doctor diagnosed him with a sprain, strain and joint dysfunction of the thoracic spine and put him on temporary benefits for 45 days.  Once the time was up, Barnes reported that he was still hurt and he wound up on disability for 13 months and collected more than $50,000.

Except then he popped up on a Kia commercial as a hip-hop dancing hamster (the article doesn’t make it clear how he was recognized, unless he really does look like a hamster).  It turns out he also was a backup dancer for singers Madonna, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown during that time.

He was charged with making false statements and fraud.   He pleased no contest and will have to give back $24,000, perform 400 hours of community service and wear an electronic monitor ankle bracelet for 90 days (which may cut into his pirouettes).

Did the injury cut into his ability to perform his job duties?  See for yourself:

Thanks to for calling my attention to this important breaking story of rodent fraud.

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