First Case of Zika Virus Makes it to Houston

Mosquito_Tasmania_cropThe Zika virus, which has raised so much concern in Latin and South America, has arrived in Houston.  It was not a surprise to health experts, who had said it was just a matter of time before someone who had traveled to the affected regions returned with the virus.  Apparently it is not a cause for alarm either, because it is not transmitted between people.   In this case it was a man who had recently been in El Salvador and, once back in Houston, came down with the symptoms – rash, fever and joint pain.

The Center for Disease Control says the real threat is coming when the mosquitoes that carry the virus move north or a mosquito bites someone who has the Zika virus here in the U.S. and then bites other people.  Experts predict the virus could gain a foothold here by this spring.

The greatest risk group at this point are babies born to mothers who have the Zika virus.  In Brazil, where there has been a serious outbreak, scientists believe there is a connection to birth defects.

There is a good article about the spread to Houston here.

The CDC has posted material on the outbreak here.



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