OSHA Field Leadership Class

RMEC OSHA logoI just completed the Train-the-Trainer Class for the Field Leadership in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production put on by OSHA Training  Center at the Rocky Mountain Education Center.   It was developed through the schools’ oil and gas outreach program and was funded by the Susan Harwood Grant Program.

Interesting class and one that I would recommend companies take a close look at for their personnel.   It helps supervisors and managers communicate with their crews, their bosses and people from outside the company, like customer representatives and other contractors, but with a focus on oilfield activity.   What makes this one unique is its heavy emphasis on personality types and social skills.  We tell newly promoted managers that everyone on the crew is different and to figure out what makes each person tick, but then we don’t give them the tools to figure out how those people are different and how to effectively communicate with each one.  This class addresses that problem.

For example, how many times does a supervisor get frustrated with a crewmember who doesn’t jump right on a task. I the supervisor understood that the crewmember had an analytical personality and was just taking the time to think through the task before starting it, that might help him understand the crewmember, figure out how to improve his productivity, and maybe realize he can rely on that crewmember to make sure all of the safety hazards have been considered.

If you would like to hear more about the class or would like leadership training delivered to your personnel, please feel free to contact me at Info@lifelinestrategies.com.


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    An inescapable fact is that the competent investigation of every harmful event reveals that the causation of the harm includes the failure to apply elementary principles of design , human factors , human behavior technology, engineering , science, operations, communications, administration , quality , regulatory compliance, and/or management. Often there is a contemptuous/ dismissive/ arrogant/ ignorant disregard for even needing to know what these elementary principles are, much less flowing them down to where they might need to be applied.

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