Video Lesson: Don’t Violate in Front of A Lawyer’s Window!

worker on scaffoldWhen New York Plaintiff’s Attorney John O’Gara looked out his window and saw workers on the next building working at heights without fall protection, he reached for his smartphone and videoed it.  Then he called the media.

You can see the result here.

In the video O’Gara shot, workers appear to be constructing the scaffolding, guardrails aren’t in place and and the workers do not appear to be wearing harnesses or tie offs.   Clearly, that could be a violation and should be investigated.

What makes this one stand out is that it happened just outside a lawyer’s window and would up captured forever on video.  It is a reminder that we live in a new age and every potential violation of a law or regulation can wind up out there for everyone to see.

Companies have have cutting corners on safety for a long, long time, but now  we live in an age where every person who walks by a worksite has a phone camera in his or her pocket.  The rules have changed.   Everything is visible, from passenger videos of cruise ships tossing garbage overboard to lawyer videos of construction sit practices.

The reasons for compliance are already strong.  It protect workers.   It keeps companies out of legal trouble.   But if that is not enough, managers need to remember this one:  The whole world is watching!


2 Replies to “Video Lesson: Don’t Violate in Front of A Lawyer’s Window!”

  1. This is true, a company is responsible for the safety and health of its employees and this should have never taken place. However, if he was truly concerned about the safety of the employees on the job site he would have addressed the issue with the onsite leadership. If he did not do that and allow the company to “right the wrong” then he is only part of the problem with society today. We are all aware that we cannot control every aspect of an employee’s workday. We can select the right person for the job, provide them with training, provide them with policies and procedures to follow and provide them with the proper PPE. It is then up to the employee to make the right decisions regarding their own personal safety and health. Not knowing all the details of this situation, it is my assumption that this lawyer merely wanted attention for his business and he got it.

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