Regulations Can’t Fix Stupid, But New Fall Protection Rules On the Way

ladder failRegulations probably wouldn’t help these two, but it is a good reminder that the rules governing slips, trips and falls protection are in their final review.   OSHA launched the extensive re-write of the Walking Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems regulations way back in 1990 and has been trying to come up with the final product ever since.

The final rule went to the White House for review in July. Under the process, the review by the office of Management and Budget is supposed to be limited and relatively short, but it is not uncommon for a particularly controversial regulation to sit in review until the White House decides the political timing is right.

What’s in the new rule?  Hard to say.  The last public proposal came out in 2010 and sparked a good deal of public comment.  The proposal weighed in at nearly 200 pages and the estimated cost to industry for compliance was around $175-million.

By the way this picture comes from the Navy Safety Center’s website, which is a very good source for pictures of safety Darwinism.

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