New Class – SEMS for Offshore Workers

Logo & SEMS IIProblem: SEMS requires that offshore workers be trained in more than 15 different topics.  Operators say awareness level orientations, while important, don’t meet the standard for “training.”   Making matters worse, many of the required topics aren’t clearly defined.  Companies are forced to evaluate and send workers to several different courses, adding time and expense.

Solution: Lifeline Strategies is offering a one-day class that trains offshore personnel on a dozen key SEMS requirements and prepares them to work under operator and government requirements.   For example, the class doesn’t just teach workers how to perform JSAs and Stop Work Authority; it teaches them the way they need to be performed under SEMS.

The class can also be modified to include your company-specific policies and procedures for requirements like Operating Procedures and Management of Change.

We are scheduling classes now.  For more information contact


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