SEMS Training For Offshore Workers

Logo & SEMSIn helping a client with some customer requirements, I was reviewing questions from one of the popular Contractor questionnaires concerning training.   If you are a oilfield service company, you have probably seen it.  It asks about training for offshore personnel in Operating Procedures, Safe Work Practices, JSA’s and Emergency Response and Control, among other requirements.

Here’s the problem – Operators have been very clear that awareness-level orientation is not training and yet that is what the vast majority of Contractors use to meet these requirements.   With yet another large Operator adopting a Red Light/Green Light program, where personnel who have not met customer training requirements may be stopped at the dock or helipad, having the right level of training is very important.

SEMS and API RP 75 actually require more than 15 different training topics for offshore workers.   Some, like HUET and water survival, are clear in how they must be delivered.  Others, like JSAs and Stop Work Authority, are undefined and Operators are increasingly frustrated at the lack of consistency.

At Lifeline Strategies, we hope to address that concern with a new class.  The SEMS for Offshore Personnel class will cover a dozen of the SEMS training topics with an interactive one-day session, that includes scenario and role-playing exercises.   Our goal is to address the information that offshore workers actually need to perform their SEMS-related duties.   The curriculum will also be flexible enough to include each company’s unique policies on topics.

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