What is a Safety Certification Worth?

Credentials like the Certified Safety Professional (CSP)  take work.  There are requirements for education and experience.  Then there is the exam.   Is it worth all the effort?  A new salary survey of safety professionals says it is worth about $22,000 a year more than what a safety professional with no certifications earns.

The survey was done by six safety groups that offer certifications.  It finds that the average pay for all safety professionals in the survey was $98,000. Seniority counts for a lot; Those with 25+ years experience make about $42,000 more than survey respondents with less than five years experience.

People in industry may be more interested in the salary calculator that is a part of the survey report.   Oil and gas pays the most for industries; Academics pays the least.

Of course it is no surprise that a survey by associations that offer certifications finds that certifications are valuable.  But there may be a few underlying messages that increase the value of having certifications:

  1. Safety professionals who are not active within the associations probably never heard about the survey, so they are under-represented.   The pay for workers who are not engaged in improving their professional knowledge may be even lower and the gap between them and holders of certifications may be even larger.
  2. Certifications often help safety professionals move up in management.  That also creases a gap with their colleagues who don’t work towards credentials.

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