SEMS for Managers Workshop Overview

Logo & SEMS III have gotten some requests for more information on the SEMS for Managers Workshop.   The focus of the workshop is  to supply Managers who have some responsibility over SEMS with a plain-English explanation of the regulation and how it is being interpreted by the different Operators who work offshore.   Managers who work for Operators and Contractors have a number o responsibilities under the rules, whether it is the HSE elements or ones that touch on operations like procedures, management of change and mechanical integrity.

The written regulations are purposefully vague and confusing. This workshop is a common-sense look at SEMS that goes beyond   This class starts with the regulations, but also includes  the practical approaches that are being used offshore.  It incorporates BSEE statements on SEMS and the work product of groups like the Center for Offshore Safety.   As much as anything else, I use the perspective that has come from the dozens of students  who have taken other related SEMS classes I have taught for the three years.

The workshop includes the following:

  1. An overview of Safety Management Systems
    1. History and origins of safety management
    2. Why we have safety management 
    3. Common themes of successful safety management regimes
  2. How the SEMS regulations came into being
  3. The 13 elements of the original SEMS
  4. The additional items added by SEMS II
  5. how SEMS will be audited
    1. Why the first round of SEMS audits looked at different things than SEMS II
    2. Key differences between compliance audits and systems audits and why that is presenting a problem with the SEMS audits
  6. Contractor issues under SEMS
    1. Trends in Contractor SMS
    2. The potential for Contractors to be INC’d by BSEE.
Participants also receive a guidebook that discusses each element in more detail.
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