New Workshop Brings You Up-to-Date on SEMS

Logo & SEMS IIAs industry gets ready for the next round of offshore Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) audits, some clear trends are emerging.   While nothing is certain, here is a look at some of the changes that may be coming:

  • New audit rules will shift focus to safety systems – Beyond whether your company is complying with SEMS, auditors will want to know if Operators have systems to ensure compliance.   As a result, operators are likely to want to see a Contractor’s systems as well.
  • Major Operator expected to adopt red light/green light system – At least one of the largest operators in the Gulf is making plans to check every worker at the helipad or dock. If workers haven’t met all the system requirements, they could be turned away.
  • SEMS for Contractors – Industry is considering a program that would guide contractors in developing a SEMS approach that applies to their unique operations.
  • Focus on areas for improvement – Audits and data analysis have determined some of the areas that need to improve.  Watch for these to become focus areas in Contractor management.

Are you ready for the changes?  Managers and supervisors at both Operator and Contractor companies have responsibilities under SEMS.  How is your company making sure they have the skills and knowledge on SEMS to make sure the company is in compliance?  How do they keep up with the latest government interpretations and industry best practices?

The new SEMS for Managers workshop is specifically designed to do that.   This one-day, highly interactive workshop puts SEMS into plain English.   It presents both the regulatory requirements of SEMS and a plain-language look at how the programs is actually being interpreted in the field.

Two workshops are scheduled for the beginning of August:

Tuesday, August 4 – Lafayette, LAClick here for more information.

Thursday, August 6 – Houston, TXClick here for more information.

The SEMS for Managers Workshop can also be held at your facility for your staff.   For more information, email or call 985-789-0577.

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