BSEE Releases Report Card on The 1st Round of SEMS Audits

Offshore oil and gas companies had to have their SEMS plans audited by last November.  A lot of people have been hoping BSEE would release more information on the results, especially from a lessons learned standpoint.

BSEE just released a report that looks at the audits.   It is definitely the 10,000 foot view, but reading between the lines the message is:

“Good first effort, but a lot of things need to change.”

The primary problem identified in the report is that the whole audit structure is focused on measuring compliance with the overall regulation.  BSEE wants future audits to look at:

  • Whether the SEMS program and the individual elements are effective.
  • What companies are doing right in terms of best practices instead of just focusing on deficiencies.

BSEE also gives some clues as to the direction it will head for the next round of audits.

If you would like a copy of the report and an analysis I have written of what this means to industry, contact me here.

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