Contractors: Meet SEMS Skills & Knowledge Requirements With SEMSReady

Our classes & one-on-one assistance focus on helping contractors.

SEMS says operators must verify that contractor personnel have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs safety and effectively.   For most contractors, that means tracking training and doing annual evaluations. The Center for Offshore Safety has released guidlines for Skills and Knowledge Management Systems. Click Here for a copy.  Our SEMSReady program can help you in two ways – classes and help developing your program.


SEMSReady classes teach you how to set up a training & assessment program and how to perform objective, auditable worker evaluations.   The SEMSReady approach is based on evaluation techniques that have been developed and used successfully in the pipeline industry.
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June 24, 2014: Houston, TX
June 25, 2014: Lafayette, LA

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One-on-One Help

Need hands on help?  Our step-by-step process can help you create a skills and knowledge management system to track all of your training and perform evaluations that meet operator requirements.   We can also supply you with a database to manage your program.   For more information contact: Ken Wells or (985) 789-0577

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