SEMS growing pains – Two years and counting

The current OTC issue of Offshore Magazine has an article I authored looking at the first two years of SEMS implementation and trends to watch for this year.    You can read the article here.

In the piece, I look at the audits that operators were required to conduct in 2013 and  at the changes that will come with SEMS II next month.   Beyond that, the article looks at a couple of the more controversial aspects of SEMS:

  1. What happens to SEMS in a period of operator cost-cutting – It is natural for any new program to have certain inefficiencies and cost issues when it is first implemented and then to have an effort to make them more cost-effective once they are in place.  In this case, that movement is happening as oil and gas companies are looking for savings throughout their organizations and at least one major oil and gas CEO is questioning whether the cost of the post-Macondo safety measures has been too high.
  2. When do we see the safety benefits of SEMS? – Millions of dollars and untold hours have been spent by industry to comply with SEMS and the statistical results do not show that we have accomplished much.   It is unfair to expect immediate improvements from a safety systems approach, but how long should we wait before it is reasonable to expect a bigger bang for the buck from SEMS?

On a related note, I will be putting on one more SEMS workshop for Contractors before the new SEMS II requirements kick in.   The class will be held on May 21 in Lafayette.

Click on the Classes and Workshops page for information on this and other classes.

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