Congratulations Bakken Drillers – You’ve got OSHA’s Undivided Attention!

The  Associated General Contractors of North Dakota has released a report on OSHA’s inspection activities in North Dakota.  If anyone doubts that there is a bulls-eye on the industry, the numbers are convincing.   Oil and gas-related companies received the most inspections of any industry.

Here’s a look at the result:

Inspections – The number of 2013 inspections of oil and gas-related employers was 104, more than 2011 and 2012 combined.

Fines – $1,213,000, an increase of  56%  over 2012.   That’s right 56%

Causes for inspections – The Regional Emphasis Program (REP) for the oil and gas industry triggered 54 inspections in 2013.   That is compared to the REP triggering only six inspections in 2012 and seven in 2011.

Reductions in fines – Fines were only reduced by 19% from the initial fine.    Why is that important?  Because there is a perception that OSHA always knocks off a substantial percentage of fines when they are settled.  For example,  the average reduction was 29% in 2012, and  42% in 2011.   It would appear that OSHA is getting a lot tougher about negotiating settlements.

You can read the full report from the AGC of North Dakota here.

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