Buddy-to-Boss Supervisor Workshop In Lafayette, May 22

Think back to when you got your first promotion to manager.   Suddenly having to manage co-workers was probably the toughest transition of your career.

Are you giving your supervisors the tools they need to be leaders? 

I will be premiering a brand new workshop for supervisors on May 22 in Lafayette, LA.  The purpose of this workshop is  to help supervisors  make that difficult first step from being just another guy on the crew to managing the crew.

Learn more and register here.

This highly-interactive, fast-paced workshop uses exercises and video to help supervisors adjust to their new responsibilities.   The topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Dealing with co-workers who may be resentful or expect special treatment
  • Coaching workers
  • Leading by example
  • Managing in the “fishbowl”
  • Why “leaders eat last”

 Because this is a new class, we are offering a special introductory rate for participants who sign up by May 8th.

Register here.  For more information, contact Ken Wells, Lifeline Strategies  (985) 789-0577 or KenWells@LifelineStrategies.com.

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