GHS Update to HazCom: Several Thousand Reasons to Train

We are still waiting for OSHA to move into an  enforcement mode on companies that failed to train their workers on the new Global Harmonization System updates to HazCom.  However, we may have some indication of how hard the agency will throw the book at companies that don’t provide the required training.

The GHS updates went into effect last year and companies had until December to train everyone on staff.    OSHA is said to preparing to release its directive to the field on enforcement.

However, according to the website EHS Today, OSHA recently charged an Ohio company for failing to teach HazCom to employees prior to the GHS updates and the fines were expensive.   Globus Printing & Packaging Co. Inc. was reportedly cited by OSHA for 24 alleged safety and health violations last summer, including a charge of not providing proper training.   The fine?  A proposed $91,800.

No telling what OSHA will do to companies that failed to train on the new standard by the deadline, but this case may be an indication that it won’t be cheap.

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