Announcing SEMSReady – One Stop Solution For Contractor Skills and Knowledge Evaluations.

Explaining SEMSReady Certification at the COS Safety Forum in Houston
Explaining SEMSReady Certification at the COS Safety Forum in Houston

This week at the Center for Offshore Safety (COS) Annual Forum, we announced a new service for oil and gas contractors – SEMSReady Certification of Skills and Knowledge Management Systems.   As background, most offshore operators now require their contractors to evaluate their personnel to make sure they know how to work safely offshore.  The COS has issued guidelines for acceptable skills and knowledge management systems and more operators want their contractors to meet those guidelines.

My company has partnered with OQSG, a Lafayette firm with extensive experience in evaluating workers under DOT pipeline OQ rules and in offering a training tracker database built specific for skills and knowledge evaluations. Together, we offer SEMSReady which teaches companies how to meet SEMS evaluations.

Now we are expanding SEMSReady to help companies meet the COS guidelines and then to certify their programs.  The information below explains the program.

Incidentally,  our next SEMReady class in Lafayette is sold out, but we do have openings in the Houston class to be held on Thursday, April 17.

For more information on classes or certification, contact me at or call at 985-789-0577.


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SEMSReady™ Certification takes the guesswork out of meeting Operator requirements for Contractors to develop a SEMS Skills and Knowledge Management System (SKMS).  It follows the basic principles and good practices outlined by the Center for Offshore Safety Skills and Knowledge Management System Guidelines.[1]


SEMSReady’s™ unique approach helps companies:

  • Determine specific skills and knowledge requirements needed to perform offshore jobs
  • Create and conduct objective and consistent skills and knowledge evaluations
  • Train evaluators to perform accurate evaluations
  • Create an auditable program to verify system integrity
  • Manage documentation and records to meet regulatory requirements

Advantages of SEMSReady™ Certification

A number of Operators require Contractors to meet complex training matrices and to verify the skills and knowledge of their workforce under SEMS.   In the future, many will expect contractors to develop a skills and knowledge management system that follows the Center for Offshore Safety’s model.

A SEMSReady™ Certification supports the accuracy of a Contractor’s SKMS through a standardized development process and third-party review. SEMSReady Certification increases the validity of the program and decreases the auditing burden for Operators.

Five step process to achieve SEMSReadyTM Certification:

Step 1 One-on-one assistance for creating a Skills and Knowledge Management System or enhancing your existing system to meet industry practices.
Step 2 Train SKMS administrators and evaluators on the SEMSReady™ approach and validate their credentials.
Step 3 Utilize SEMSReady’s™ standardized process to create and document the path to competence
Step 4 Manage documentation and records to meet regulatory requirements using Pinion CoursewareTM or ensure that your existing data management system meets the SKMS guidelines.
Step 5 Program review by SEMSReady™ representatives to validate and determine certification



[1] SEMSReady™ has not sought or received the endorsement of the Center for Offshore Safety.   The program is based on a commonsense interpretation of industry practice.

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