Great Session on Supervisor Training at TEC Well Service in Odessa

A big thanks to TEC Well Service for bringing me in to kick off a new training program for Supervisors this weekend in Odessa, TX.  Very good company with some really impressive supervisors.  It was a pleasure to spend the morning talking with them about leadership.

The new class that I premiered with them is called “The Big Step: Moving From Buddy to Boss.”  It focuses on helping new supervisors make the transition from just being one of the guys on the crew to having to manage the crew.    That may be the toughest step any of us take in our careers.   As one of the student in the class said, “People change and you change.”   Sometimes old friends treat new supervisors differently.  Some times new supervisors let their positions go to their heads.

My Selfie with my new friend, the Odessa Jackrabbit.
My Selfie with my new friend, the Odessa Jackrabbit.

We try to walk them through the change, talk about why old friends act the way they do and  how to deal with issues like leadership, responsibility, chain of command and coaching.

If you would like to learn more about the class or book a session with your supervisors, let me know at


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