OMG – Its Blowing Up!

This is video of an accident involving  high pressure gas cylinders somewhere in Russia.


  I don’t know what the lesson from this video is:

  • Don’t try this at home?
  • Uncontrolled release of energy sources will ruin your day?
  • Thank heavens we don’t allow unsecured transportation of high pressure cylinders in this country?
  • You can’t imagine how bad things can get and how fast?

Maybe I go with the last one – imagination.   My fundamental belief is that one of the biggest risk factors we face on a daily basis is our inability to imagine how a small problem (a minor fender bender) can escalate into a major incident ( jet-propelled gas cylinders shooting 40 feet in the air).

But I am sure of one thing.  This should probably be shown at every safety meeting on road awareness and handling of hazardous material.

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