How Do You Schedule Lockout Tagout Audits & Training?

Lockout/Tagout was #8 on the OSHA top 10 violations for 2013, based on the agency writing 3,254  citations for LOTO violations.  The easiest way to wind up with a citation is to not have a program in the first place.  The second easiest way to be cited is to have a program but not keep the documentation that proves you have a program.

Two of the key records you need to be able to show OSHA are your annual audit and your training records.  If you can’t show proof that you have met these two requirements, it will be hard to prove to an OSHA inspector that you are managing your program.   At least one group recommends that you refresh LOTO training every year to make sure everyone knows the rules and that their understanding doesn’t degrade over time.

So here is the question – how do you schedule your audits and training to make sure the timetable doesn’t slip?   While it makes sens e to schedule audits for the beginning of the year, that tends to be a busy time for companies.   Why not borrow from the approach that fire officials have been taking for years in reminding people to check their fire alarms every time daylight savings rolls around?

However you handle it, here is a link to the OSHA cite on lockout/tagout.   Googling “LOTO Audit Form”  turns up dozens of forms you can use as a guide.

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