This App Save Lives – Red Cross First Aid App

I have something like 50 or 60 apps on my phone.  Most of them I don’t use.  Honestly, why did I think I needed an app to help me calculate a 20% tip on a meal?   

But yesterday I downloaded an app that I hope I never need to use.   It is the American Red Cross’ first aid app.  I hope to never use it because it is meant to be used in an emergency.  That said, if I did need it, I would feel pretty confident that it would give me the right information when I need it.

 It appears to be the simplest, most easily understood first aid guide I have seen.   It lists five categories:

  • Learn – Short concise explanations of of what to do if someone is suffering from any one of 21 injuries or illnesses.
  • Prepare – Easy to follow checklists to prepare for any one of 20 emergencies, everything from a chemical emergency to winter weather.
  • Emergency – Simple directions to deal with a wide range of first aid emergencies, such as burns,  heart attacks and bug bites.
  • Tests – Short one or two question tests on 11 first aid topics.
  • Hospitals – A locator that tells you the distance to every nearby hospital.

What really impresses me is how concise the information is. Most of the directions fit on the screen of the smartphone with very little scrolling.    Everything is in bite-sized pieces, just enough information to start a first-aid response, but not so much information that the user is overwhelmed during a crisis. It even has very short vdieos that demonstrate first aid techniques.

This app won’t take the place of full training for workers with first aid responsibilities, but it is the sort of thing that every workers should have on his or her phone.   It is perfect for office staff.    You can download the app and learn more here.

For pet owners the Red Cross recently released a pet first aid app that sells for 99 cents.

And by the way, you can donate to the Red Cross directly from the app – They really did think of everything.

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