Evaluating Workers Under SEMS Webinar

logoWe held our webinars on evaluating worker Skills and Knowledge under SEMS and rolling out our SEMSReady program to help contractors meet the requirements.   We had great participation, which indicated that the industry is working hard to address the requirements.   Many, if not most, of the operators have some sort of requirement for contractors to evaluate their personnel on an annual basis, but contractors have had a hard time figuring out how to meet that requirement.   Our conversations with operators indicate they plan to really push that requirement this year and the Center for Offshore Safety will soon release industry guidance on developing a skills and knowledge management system.

We talked about the industry trend Wednesday and then explained how the SEMSReady program teaches contractors to produce an evaluation system that really represents the work their employees perform and offers follow-up assistance to put that system in place.  You can see more on SEMSReady at www.semsready.com.

Anyone who missed the webinar and would like the see the presentation can contact me at kenwells@lifelinestrategies.com and I will send it to you.

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