Customer Audits – Chance to Shine or Near-Death Experience?

Learn The Secrets Of A Successful Audits

On January 28th in Houston, we will present a unique workshop to help contractor get ready for and manage the audit process.   We’ve gathered best practices and expert advice to give you a commonsense approach to turning audits from a near-death experience to a way to let your company’s safety program shine, including:

  1. Setting up your documentation system
  2. Preparing for an audit
  3. The different types of audits
  4. What do do when the auditor arrives
  5. Follow-ups after the audit is over

We will also reveal new research into the costs of audits and industry trends.


The class will be held in Houston
January 28th at 2 p.m.

If you register by January 20th, you will qualify for an early bird discount.

Click here to register

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