OOPS – Can You Hear Me Now?

To the debate over leading indicators of safety (near misses, etc.) and lagging indicators (injury stats, etc.), here is one more datapoint to consider – clumsiest cell phone users.   Square Trade, a company that insures cell phones, publishes an annual list of states with the worst records for damaging cellphones.

Texas and Louisiana, Both oil and gas hubs, made the top 10 list again this year.   Wyoming which is seeing big increases in production moved up to number 10 on the list.  Other oil and gas-producing states on the list are Utah and California.   If our crews can’t hold on to their phones, should we be surprised that dropped tools are such a problem?

And the number one location for slippery fingers and dropped phones?   Washington, DC.    Hmmmmmmmm.

Here is a link to the announcement.

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