Good Workshop On SEMS In Lafayette And On Evaluating Personnel In Houston

A couple of significant events this past week.

First, we met with a group of oil and gas companies to walk them through our SEMSReady classes.  SEMSReady is a partnership effort by Lifeline Strategies and OQSG  to teach companies how to evaluate personnel on their skills and knowledge under SEMS.   More and more operators are requiring their contractors to perform annual evaluations.  The audits that were completed under SEMS showed verification of skills and knowledge was a major area for improvement and it is pretty clear operators are searching for a way to get their arms around this.  We got a lot of really good feedback and they said it looks like SEMSReady will be an effective way to address the issue.   We look forward to starting the classes for contractors.  You can see more about SEMSReady here.

On Thursday we had a good session of the SEMS for contractors workshop in Lafayette.  Full class.  A lot of good questions and a lot of knowledge in the room.   It is really impressive to see what companies are putting in place to meet the oil and gas company safety requirements offshore!     The next one is scheduled for Houston in February, but contact us if you want to hold one at your office.


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