Skills And Knowledge Under SEMS: The SEMSReady™ Solution


Over the past  month, this blog has looked at the SEMS requirement for operators to evaluate the skills and knowledge of contractor personnel.   It is one of the bigger challenges in the offshore safety regulations because operators usually don’t know what it takes to be competent at every offshore job and most contractors don’t know how to prove competency, even when their workers are very safe and capable.

Then a couple of days ago I had a conversation that just crystalized the issue.  An operator told me, “I ask a contractor to prove a worker has the skills and knowledge to work under SEMS and I get a stack of certificates and class rosters, but none of it tells me what I need to know.  I want one piece of paper that says, ‘this guy knows how to do his job.’”

We think we have a solution.    Lifeline Strategies and OQSG, a leader in evaluating the competency of pipeline workers, have teamed up to create SEMSReady™, a skills and knowledge verification system that:

  • Teaches contractors how to create and manage a skills and knowledge plan (SKV plan) for workers;
  • Teaches qualified subject matter experts how to perform evaluations that are accurate and objective; and
  • Provides follow-on services for companies that need additional help developing their SKV plans and managing the information in a database.

The SEMSReady™ approach gives operators a tool to assess the way a contractor meets the skills and knowledge requirements of SEMS and then to verify that the workers have been evaluated on those skills.   It gives contractors a structured way to develop an internal competency plan that can be documented and audited to meet operator requirements.    The process also allows contractors to prove to auditors that their evaluators are qualified to perform those verifications.  Given the number of places that SEMS requires operators to verify contractors on the job performance, we think this sort of approach may be the only way to meet the regulations.

You can learn more about the SEMSReady™ approach here. The first classes are scheduled for:

  • December 10, 2013: Houston, TX
  • December 11, 2013: Lafayette, LA
  • January 8, 2014: Lafayette, LA
  • January 14, 2014: Houston, TX

You can register for a class here.

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