Next SEMS Workshop For Contractors: Friday, December 6 in Lafayette

We held a very successful workshop last week in Houston to help contractors understand SEMS.   The next one is scheduled for Friday, December 6th in Lafayette, LA.   You can learn more and register here.

This workshop lasts four hours and we cover:

  1. Each of the 13 SEMS elements from a contractor’s point of view
  2. The early lessons learned from the first round of SEMS audits
  3. What you need to know to prepare for the new requirements in SEMS II.

What makes these workshops unique is that they are focused on the contractor’s perspective.  Now that the first round of audits are behind them, operators will be taking a hard look at some specific areas of SEMS.  Knowing those areas and what the operators are looking for will help keep you in compliance.   BSEE’s new push to INC contractors just adds to the importance of staying on top of SEMS.

These workshops are a very simple way to make sure your operations and sales staff understand the new requirements.

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