Special SEMS Workshop For Contractors – November 7th in Houston



Are you a Contractor trying to get your arms around SEMS?   Lifeline Strategies is partnering with
the Association of Diving Contractors International to hold a special half-day workshop on November 7th in Houston.

Click here to access the details:  SEMS for Contractors Workshop Announcement – 7 November 2013.

Call the ADCI offices at (281) 893-8388 for registration and information.

This workshop will cover:

  1. Commonsense explanations of the SEMS rules
  2. Lessons learned from the first round of SEMS audits –  As the first round of audits winds up, we will cover  some  of the early trouble spots that are sure to be on the minds of oil and gas customers.
  3. What to expect from SEMS II:  The new revisions to SEMS kick in in June of 2014.   The workshop will  help contractors stay ahead of the changes.
  4. Bridging to SEMS: Contractors may not adopt a formal SEMS plan, but they do need to have a safety management approach that allows them to prove to customers how their safety program matches their customer’s requirements.

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