Better Double Check the Paperwork: Ohio Man Finds Out He is Still Dead


Done a check of your records lately?  An Ohio man, who disappeared in 1994 and was legally declared dead,  went to court recently to try to have that decision reversed, in as much as he is still very much alive and would like to get a drivers license.  However, the judge said that a three-year time limit for changing a death ruling and, since that had passed, the man is still dead in the eyes of the law.  The judges calls it a “strange, strange situation” and the man says “”It kind of went further than I ever expected it to.”   Read more here.

OK, so this isn’t about  safety management, but it is about making sure you can keep your documents up to date and that is a big part of safety management, so the lesson here is, make sure your records and documentation are in order, or you may have a hard time proving you have a living, breathing safety program.

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