The Five Stages of SEMS

I was talking with Katherine Warren of the Boxley Group, who works with works with oil and gas clients on information management and process improvement, and she jokingly referred to contractors wrestling with SEMS going through the five stages of grief.  It struck me as pretty apt.   So here is my take on the “Five Stages of SEMS:”

  1. Denial“SEMS doesn’t apply to us.  That’s something the oil companies have to do.”    (or “We hardly ever go offshore”  and “We don’t work in deepwater.”)
  2. Anger – “What do you mean, I have to fill out a training matrix?”   (Or “ Why should I send you my Safe Work Practices?  My company has been working for you for 15 years!”)
  3. Bargaining“Just let us finish this job and we will have the records straightened out the next time you need us.”
  4. Depression “Not another audit!”
  5. Acceptance “So we hired someone to just fill out the online questionnaire, we’ve uploaded all our RAVs, we met all the training requirements….what?  The project got delayed?”   

So where is your company on the Five Stages of SEMS?

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