GHS Training Deadline: Seven Weeks And Counting

OSHA says that more than 40 million workers must be trained on the new  Globally Harmonized System (GHS) updates to the HazCom Standard by December 1st.
No word yet on whether OSHA will be out in force in December, checking to see if the training has been done, but it will certainly be a part of enforcement efforts if chemicals are involved in a violation.

GHS Pictogram

Companies that work in offshore oil and gas may take come comfort in knowing they are many, many miles from the nearest OSHA inspector, but many forget that there is a HazCom connection through SEMS.  The Operating Procedures element of SEMS says Operators need to have procedures for the “properties of, and hazards presented by, the chemicals used in the operation” and “Control of hazardous chemical inventory.” (30 CFR 250.1913)

That raises the potential that BSEE inspectors, who have a formal agreement with OSHA to enforce regulations, and SEMS auditors may come looking for proof that personnel have been trained in the new GHS updates.

If your company needs help training personnel before the December deadline, contact us.

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