GHS Domino Effect – Missed Deadlines

The United Nations signed on to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) back in 2003.  The primary changes were to standardize labeling of chemicals and replace the old Material Safety Data Sheets with Safety Data Sheets (SDS).   The United States set out a timeline for the rules to be implemented…. Read more »

OSHA Budget Cuts Likely, But How Deep?

Both Houses of Congress appear to want to cut OSHA’s budget.  The question is – how much?   In the last week both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees passed spending plans that involve OSHA.   The bill from House appropriators cuts OSHA’s budget by about 3%, down from $552.7 million to $535 million for fiscal year… Read more »

Offshore Safety – What is working and what is not

For those who are not familiar with the Center for Offshore Safety (COS), it is the collective “campfire’ where the deepwater oil and gas industry can gather to discuss safety.   One of the more valuable things that COS does is define and track safety performance indicators and lessons learned from incidents in offshore oil and gas.  A recent COS… Read more »

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee – Carefully!

To the list of things that can harm you, add coffee fumes apparently.   An investigative report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel looked at the inhalation hazards for employees at coffee roasters.  As those of us who like our coffee know, it is the aroma that makes for a great cup.  As a result, coffee… Read more »

Trendwatch: Managers Facing Jail Time For Safety Incidents

Prosecutors are increasingly going after supervisors and managers following fatal or environmental incidents.  The latest example comes from Chicago where a towboat captain was sentenced on Friday to a six month prison terms for a 2005 barge explosion Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.  The incident killed one deckhand and resulted in a significant oil spill.  In… Read more »

How Forgettable Is SEMS?

Kind of an embarrassing moment the other day highlights one of the problems facing  oil and gas companies and regulators as they work to improve offshore safety.    When asked about SEMS enforcement at a meeting with environmental reporters in New Orleans, the Secretary of the Interior was momentarily flustered over what the letters in… Read more »