Incidents Aren’t Statistics: Criminal Investigation Video

Anyone who follows safety trends knows that construction and industrial accidents are resulting in criminal charges in more and more cases.   Safety professionals are well aware of the power that OSHA and other agencies have to cite and fine companies for violations.   But add these terms to the list: Manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and… Read more »

SEMS Training For Offshore Workers

In helping a client with some customer requirements, I was reviewing questions from one of the popular Contractor questionnaires concerning training.   If you are a oilfield service company, you have probably seen it.  It asks about training for offshore personnel in Operating Procedures, Safe Work Practices, JSA’s and Emergency Response and Control, among other requirements…. Read more »

Four Things Oilfield Companies Need to Do (But May Not Be) During The Downturn

Rigzone just published a very thoughtful article from a trio of professors from Rice and Kent State University who looked at the impact of cutbacks on the energy sector.  Their basic points are that: In the service sector, people provide the service and,without those people, core business suffers. During the downturn in the 1980s, industry did… Read more »

OSHA Tackles Amputation Tragedies

All industrial injuries are tragic.  Lives may be lost; working careers cut short.  However, one incident announced last week was especially heartbreaking.  A 21-year old, just a few hours into his first day at the job,  was burned so badly on a plastic molding machine that he lost four of fingers.   OSHA, which views… Read more »

What Keeps Business Heads Up At Night?

It is very important for safety professionals to look beyond the narrow focus of HSE and understand the concept of overall risk.  If you want to know what the heads of businesses pay attention to, look at what costs them money.  It may be injuries or losses from unsafe acts, but it may be a… Read more »

What is a Safety Certification Worth?

Credentials like the Certified Safety Professional (CSP)  take work.  There are requirements for education and experience.  Then there is the exam.   Is it worth all the effort?  A new salary survey of safety professionals says it is worth about $22,000 a year more than what a safety professional with no certifications earns. The survey… Read more »

Worker Death Raises Questions on Bee Awareness

Should your company have a bee awareness policy?   We may find out after Cal-OSHA finishes investigating a worker death in California.  The victim, working on a crew that was grading a field for a parking lot in Riverside California, appears to have disturbed a bee colony. He was stung multiple times and died.  … Read more »

Video: Safety? Who Needs Safety?

If ignoring safety precautions was an Olympic event, this backhoe driver might take the gold medal.   I am pretty sure this is not how the manual says you are supposed to load the backhoe onto a truck, but you have to admire his approach.