Record Year For BSEE Fines

The U.S. offshore oil and gas industry is awash in INC!  Incidents of Noncompliance, that is.   The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s (BSEE) chief weapon is the INC, the penalty it can assess if an oil company violates regulations.   According to the agency’s statistics, BSEE used that weapon to assess higher fines last year than… Read more »

SEMS for Managers Workshop Overview

I have gotten some requests for more information on the SEMS for Managers Workshop.   The focus of the workshop is  to supply Managers who have some responsibility over SEMS with a plain-English explanation of the regulation and how it is being interpreted by the different Operators who work offshore.   Managers who work for Operators and Contractors… Read more »

Video: NFL Player Demonstrates Heat Dangers

OK, so it is a video aimed at pet owners, it is put out by PETA and Tyrann Mathieu of the Arizona Cardinals is a better football player than he is an actor.  However, this video does get across the point that heat is dangerous in a dramatic fashion.  And how can you not like the Honey… Read more »

OSHA Gets Serious About HAZCOM Changes

OSHA is taking four years to implement its changes to the HAZCOM standard to incorporate the international Globally Harmonized System (GHS).  The regulations lay out a timetable for industry to get on board with the changes, but so far, the missing element has been enforcement.   That changed this week when the agency issued its inspection… Read more »

Update: Register by Next Week to Receive Discount on SEMS Training!

The new SEMS for Managers workshop is specifically designed to help managers and supervisors understand SEMS and their responsibilities under the rules.   This one-day, highly interactive workshop puts SEMS into plain English and helps managers put the rules into common-sense practice.   It presents both the regulatory requirements of SEMS and a plain-language look at how the… Read more »

What is The Real Risk of Temporarily Abandoned Wells?

The headline reads: AP Exclusive: Share of aging temporarily sealed wells grows Sounds terrible doesn’t it?   The story goes on to look at the number of temporarily abandoned wells in the Gulf of Mexico: —Twenty-five percent more wells have now stayed temporarily sealed for more than a year (up from 2,855 to 3,576) and… Read more »

USCG Rescue Diver Honored

Safety is about keeping people out of harms way, but every once in a while we hear about people who deliberately put themselves in harms way.   The International Maritime Organization has given its 2015 Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea to a U.S. Coast Guard rescue diver named Chris Leon for a nighttime rescue of four men from… Read more »

Pipeline Safety: Trying to Get Ahead of The Issues

Changes are coming on pipeline safety.  They have to. The pipeline industry has a great opportunity and a great challenge.  The opportunity – big increases in volume and the chance to take more business away from rail.    The challenge – overcoming public concerns over safety.  Industry and the agency that regulates pipelines, PHMSA, seem to… Read more »