Public Reporting of OSHA Penalties

OSHA is preparing to release new requirements for company incident reporting. It intends to make accident and injury information available to the public, a possibility that has many in industry concerned.  For those companies, the future is now.   A new website gives the public unprecedented access to information on company violations. A watchdog group… Read more »

OSHA Field Leadership Class

I just completed the Train-the-Trainer Class for the Field Leadership in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production put on by OSHA Training  Center at the Rocky Mountain Education Center.   It was developed through the schools’ oil and gas outreach program and was funded by the Susan Harwood Grant Program. Interesting class and one that I would… Read more »

Faint at The Sight of Blood? OSHA Wants to Know

What kinds of incidents need to be counted as recordable incidents on the OSHA 300 log?  Whole seminars have  been devoted to that question.  When veteran safety guys get together, chances are good the topic of recordables is likely to come up.   Now a new OSHA letter of interpretation adds a  slightly bizarre wrinkle to… Read more »

OSHA Penalties To Jump Next Year Thanks To New Budget Bill

When Congress passed a new two-year budget deal last week, a few words tucked into the bill gave OSHA the power to significantly raise its penalties in 2016 on businesses that violate safety regulations.  In simple terms, OSHA’s framework of fines had not been increasing with inflation for many years.  With this budget bill, Congress will allow… Read more »

Nothing Works Like a Slap on The Wrist: Study of Safety Compliance

In its latest newsletter, OSHA highlights a new study that shows that citations and fines are effective in reducing work-related injuries.  The study, released on the Institute for Work and Health, reviews a number of other studies of work injuries and factors that may help prevent them.  It concludes that enforcement is a very effective way to… Read more »

Oilfield Fatalities – Is The Government Focused on The Right Problem?

There are too many deaths in the oil and gas industry and companies need to correct that.  This blog posting is not about whether there is a problem.  It is about whether we are using the right tools to solve it.   In fact, the question is whether the simplest improvement is staring us in… Read more »

Reading OSHA’s Future – What To Expect From Obama’s Final Year

The countdown to the next Presidential election is on and the Obama Administration has some political calculations to make concerning OSHA.  The agency can try to push through an aggressive menu of safety regulations and, if a Democrat wins the election, the next President may continue OSHA’s approach.  However, if the agency pushes too hard… Read more »

Court Rules That BSEE Can Fine Contractors

BSEE can write Incidents of Noncompliance that penalize contractors working on offshore oil and gas projects, according to a ruling from Department of the Interior’s Board of Land Appeals Judge Christina Kalavritinos.   This is one of the most controversial issues facing offshore contractors and the ruling opens them up to heavy fines or potentially being blocked from… Read more »