Politics & Oil – What The President Failed To Mention In His Address To Congress

The commentary below was first published on Oilprice energy news at www.oilprice.com: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That’s what the warden says to Paul Newman in the movie Cool Hand Luke, right after he knocks him into a ditch. The oil and gas industry has its own failure to communicate and the longer… Read more »

Supervisors Gone “Rogue.”

As a business owner or a manager, you always face a problem when you try to ensure legal compliance.  You can set policies, but chances are you can’t be in the field to make sure those policies are followed.  That’s why you have supervisors. But what do you do if your supervisors fail to make… Read more »

Poisoned Pork and Dumpster Diving – Wildest Sick Day Excuses Ever

you reIfmember the opening scene of Ferris Bueller, when he wanted to take a day off, all he had to do was convince his parents he was sick. But apparently it is a lot harder to convince employers.   A survey done by Careerbuilders looks at some of the most ridiculous excuses people use to explain… Read more »

Useless Safety Measures – How Much of Your Safety Program is Ineffective?

 Take a close look at the picture on the left.  It is the famous landing of a US Airways jet in the Hudson River.  Notice anything missing?   How about life preservers. Before every takeoff, you are advised where to find your life preserver or flotation seat cushion.  Yet, in the most famous and successful… Read more »

Why Occupational Health and Safety is a Part of Your Bottom Line

Is worker health and safety a part of your bottom line cost savings plan?   A new study says it should be.   In an article published by the MIT Sloan School of Business, the authors look at numerous case studies and conclude that companies that have strong safety cultures also have increased productivity.  They… Read more »

Severe or Fatal Injury? New Online OSHA Form Released.

OSHA made a dramatic change in the way on-the-job injuries are reported a year ago when it implemented new reporting requirements.  As of the beginning of 2015, employers were not only required to report any fatalities within 8 hours, but also  injuries that required overnight hospitalization, amputations or loss of an eye injuries within 24… Read more »

OSHA Drops Update to Walking & Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Rules

Apparently OSHA has withdrawn its draft Final Rule on walking and working surfaces and personal fall protection systems.   The agency has been in the process of revising the rule for 25 years, if nothing else, just to keep it current with industry practice.   The Final Rule changes were at the White House in the… Read more »